The Farm at El Mirlo ~ 4580 El Mirlo ~Rancho Santa Fe, California

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Gardening and Creativity is our passions....

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          Our garden bounty of seasonal vegetables, gourds and loofahs are grown and sold from our farm. We love to share our gardens with you and engage younger generations to the wonderful world of gardening.  We encourage garden tours and offer a variety of demonstrations, Garden Parties and Sales.   We also offer one-of-a-kind custom-made home goods and gifts.  In addition to our seasonal vegetables we offer handmade and  unique one-of-a-kind gift items such as bird feeders/houses, decorative gourds, and home goods.  We look forward to your visit.





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Our seasonal vegetables, gourds and loofahs are grown on site with traditions passed down from generations. We offer handmade products and  are strong supporters of small business and proud to provide our USA made products.

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